I have 15 years of experience
building and giving voice to brands. The style or substance can change, but the job is the same:
understand the audience
and convey the message clearly.

 My home base of Queens, New York

My home base of Queens, New York


Michael Sendrow

I’m committed to helping values-led organizations clarify their vision and operate with even greater integrity. Having executed and delivered large-scale innovation and service-design projects, I approach content and communications as much a means to create and grow businesses as an end to express them.

Previously, I produced global client engagements at ?What If! Innovation and built and managed its in-house design, production, and editorial divisions. I have since partnered with progressive agencies like Office of Oneness, BBMG, and Openbox to develop new sustainable brands, social movements, and digital properties.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I founded Seattle-based Shunpike — a nonprofit that advises, supports, and advocates for artists throughout the Pacific Northwest region. Now living and working in New York City, I divide my free time between writing fiction and essays and pursuing a master’s in psychoanalysis at NYGSP.